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где нет меня совсем
Conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC) proposes that our present picture of an indefinitely expanding universe, starting with the Big Bang and ending with an exponential expansion, in accordance with the presence of a positive cosmological constant Λ (but where no early inflationary period is taken to have occurred), is but one aeon of an indefinitely continuing succession of qualitatively similar such aeons, the conformal infinity of each joining smoothly to the conformally stretched big bang of the next. Thus, it is proposed that there was an aeon prior to ours whose exponentially expanding remote future joins to our Big Bang across a 3-manifold X (the crossover 3-surface), the resulting 4-manifold being conformally smooth across X. Whereas CCC does not incorporate inflation as such, the ultimate exponential expansion of the previous aeon would play a role in several respects similar to that of inflation, but this exponential expansion occurs prior to the Big Bang, rather than immediately following it. The main observational distinction between CCC and conventional inflation is that whereas in the latter the initial seeds of inhomogeneity are taken to be randomly occurring quantum fluctuations, in CCC inhomogeneities result from various causes, in the previous aeon, all subject to the exponential (largely self-similar) ultimate expansion of that aeon governed, for the most part, by classical partial differential equations.
A key motivation for CCC comes from a need to incorporate the second law of thermodynamics (abbreviated 2nd Law), in the form that we find it, with the gravitational degrees of freedom enormously suppressed in the initial state.

"Conformal" - это означает, что у всех частиц нет массы, все летит со скоростью света - и времени для них, стало быть, тоже нет. Все с этого, говорят, началось, и этим же и кончится. А после - cyclic. Теория такая. Армяне небо наблюдают, и подтверждается, пишут.